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Beginners free to play guide (created by XarcX)

There are some free to play ways to play Project Ion:

Collect natural resources:

In the world of Project Ion there are three natural resources that have value which you can collect: Wood logs, Coca plants and Hemp plants. These have all different values and looks different see images below:

Coca Plant.png Hemp Plant.png Wood Log.png

Collect oil/uranium at rigs:

There are two PVP zones in the game which both have rigs which are located nearly about the middle of the zones. The "Mad Max" zone is located near Zion Citadel and that rig drops oil but are guarded by high teir drone mobs. The rig at "Outlaws" zone is located near Wailers Point and drops uranium, it is fairly guarded by defender drones but is in a lootable zone, which means that all raw materials carried will be dropped in a body bag upon death. Both zones is manageable to avoid mobs and the rigs seems to spawn oil/uranium about 4-10 dinars worth each 10-30 minutes.

Outlaws rig:

Uranium Outlaws.png


Reselling is always a way to make money in MMOs and it requires to have some amount of starting money (can be collected by strategies shown above). When collecting or buying items/resources you can always sell them for higher amount. This requires time investment and practice but you can become rich by sticking to it and you will get good knowledge of the ingame market economy.

Beginners Hunting guide (created by XarcX)

Equiptments needed: M16A1 (rifle) and/or M1911 (pistol) plus ammunition (NATO cartridge for M16A1 and ACP cartridge for M1911), Basic Healkit and Basic bandage pack. All these items and ammunition can be found at mr quick fix in different towns.

Easy mobs locations:

Beginner hunt MAP.png

Young/mature/old spiders: Southeast from Babylon.

Minerbots Gen 01-03: Northwest from Zion Citadel.

Boolean (All maturities): West from Travelers Point

Drones workers/soldiers: North from Zion Citadel (watch out for warrior and higher)

Beginners Mining guide (created by XarcX)

Equiptments needed: Woosh PRD 101 (Detector), Woosh PRE 101 (Extractor) and any amount UGM Depth Bomb S. These items can be found at mr quick fix in different towns.

How to mining:

First you equipt your detector and find an area that you want to do mining on. Then click to drop your bomb and wait for result, either you find a claim or you get "nothing found". If you do get a claim you will see on the detector where your claim is, when you are ready to begin extracting your claim press the "claim" button to get your claim. Now select the extractor and stand right in front of the claim-rod and click. This will extract the resource from the claim-rod, keep repeating til the resources has been depleted.

Mining tips and tricks:

Detectors do not have range information (yet) this makes it kind of hard to know how long you should walk when dropping the next bomb. By some testing it seems like the maximum range the detector Woosh PRD 101 has is about 80-100 m. This distance takes about 13-16 seconds to run (not sprint with shift). This means that you should drop a bomb each 10-20 seconds (depending on how much area you like to cover and your mining strategy).

Claims do have an expiration time which means that if you do not extract the resource from the claim-rod it will eventually disappear. The usual thing to do is to extract the resources right away, the only time you should not do this is if you carry to much weight and become encumbered or if you are in a lootable PVP zone and want to extract it when it is more safe.

There are some eco-wise ways to do mining in Project Ion and three of these should always be followed if you want to profit with mining. Firstly you should always try to avoid mobs if you are on a mining trip (except if you need to skill hunting), this makes it easier to track your wins/losses. Secondly you should never use mining items that you are not skilled to use or not have the money to be able to effectively use. Always do atleast 100 bombs mining trips, this is essential to cover up areas and chance to global. Thirdly do not sell resources at pwn shop if they have markup! This should only be done if you are really desperate to gain som dinars to be able to buy another detector or item that are essential for you.

Some resources might be worth keeping, some might not. Since crafting not yet has been implemented it is hard to know what is worth keeping and sell for higher markup later. But some logical reasoning can be made to figure out that the harder resources to find (Gold, silver, titanium, uranium 238 etc) will later on probably be required in more advanced/rare crafting and will therefore have better markup than rest of the resources.

Different mining strategies:

Same direction strategy: The most basic and probably most popular is running straight forward in a direction and drop bombs, claiming and extracting every find and continue in same direction. This strategy covers a limited but long area and is a good strategy for finding new types of resources in different places.

Carpetbombing/hotspot strategy: If you find an area which seems to hold a high valuable resource or many claims you could try to "carpet bomb" the area. This means that when you find a claim you start bombing from it in each direction and try to fully cover the area and if you find another claim keep doing that til you do not find any more claims in the surrounded area. This strategy requires a lot of bombs and might not always pay off but it is good if you think you have hit a hotspot or trying to find known rare resources in a specific area.